Wednesday, December 20, 2006


anything profound must be harnessed,
leashed. like lightning. I know
                                                              Fantasy. but
someone has to be is bouncing off
the walls
                    of the sun like the jacuzzi in the museum. making me
break. breaking free. what if he breaks
through? I’ll just

knowing. I. cannot. right
this beautiful stillspring day. or maybe I’m wrong
and it has righted itself already:
I am that wall
                              (a sunken library where we teach children how to swim
in a world full of handcuffs)
                                                          we survived
whatever made me giddy
and then died.

framed fireworks.
the frame: a ferris wheel in a rollercoaster museum. we are to
                                                                                                    remain calm
                while folding ourselves up into the barrel of a cannon.

but it’s not over it’s not over this bounce.   a pair of magnets
oppose each other,
find the wrong poles,
the right holes.
                                .take back off to the sun