Friday, December 22, 2006


there’s a rumor that everything is connected
(well that’s nice) I am chewing Wrigley’s Orbit (Ohne Zucker)
with Suzy’s cat (fed just a minute ago)

it’s pinkslip Thursday (yes another one) but
this time with a little bit of sleaze
she’s doing fine it’s a horrible place

the Matson boat doesn’t leave as big a wake as
the Yang Ming boat and I’m
sitting on a park bench alongside Jamaica Pond thinking of...

sipping chamomile tea with Tylenol Cold (2)
sniffle   (and punctuate)    I’m really nice and
purple     here’s to my good fortune isn’t it beautiful     (LIFE)

how I’ve proceeded feeling good love with gum & gravel
walking and reading the first novel I’ve gotten halfway thru
in over a year while at the same time (White Noise)

staving off death locked inside the blurred blanks
those boundaries between the waters and the airs locked 100%   {mimes
point to the implications of these relationships}

                                                                                        a movie
with two new fruit leaves Tsai Ming-Liang is mag
          dizzy exclamation point

now I think I’m having a panic attack with my filtered water
it’s summer already and it feels like
I have to put my glasses on just to see its own watery hands  (mine)

my own my very own watery hands
                              who is it debunks such bunk can somebody say
I am never connected 100%