Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I’ve been reading and writing ____,
trying to work it out with the flock,
understand what it all means, but
here I find myself a few hours later,
starting over against the carpet,
removing my shoes before
sinking into the tub.   It’s
all the same, exercise for
abs, more United miles,
and it keeps us all from
having to lift ourselves
into the _____.

Let’s start over against the
carpet.   Why eat for break-
fast what you already have
in your heart.   Let’s remove
our shoes before sinking
into the tub and then,
no longer stanky,
collapse our toes
into a net that traps
all of the important
ingredients for the
most creative
______ of all.

Give him up
entirely!   My
_____, which
is now
too _____.