Monday, May 31, 2010


Writing with Manners

These are some thoughts on etiquette.
Write something mean or write what you
mean; something that means something.
That you cannot believe and is terribly
difficult to convince.   Don’t cut and
paste (for example, do you actually
purchase and send a card with
someone else’s words)?
For what it’s worth
say something also
specific.   Which means
you can ramble as much as you want,
just specify.   However, don’t be filmic,
that’s for cinema (if so, for example,
put your laptop in a drawer
and go to the movies).   If you
make a living of words, don’t go on
NPR and poopoo the whole thing.
Take a look around.   Pick one thing
that is impossible to say (to your lover).
Write it down, if need be, but remember,
there is music for almost any occasion.
Say aloud: “Am I philosopher or poet?”
One serves its purpose well while the other
is neither a recorder nor a vacuum cleaner.