Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Especially the Vesicles of Man Mouth

          Terrible incidents happen
          daily.   That’s how we get around obstacles.

                                                  —John Ashbery

Even here there is an awareness of the lyric.   I suspect
with certainty.   Every other minute another
important person cruising down the street.
I want to see the equation that calculates
appropriate escort and payroll.

Can I borrow your toenail clippers?

So that’s what flattery will get you.   Like “Ginsberg’s failure
to share Whitman’s affirmation of American life,” I
responded too much.   First with something like
“stop teasing me.”   Then with a tirade about how
serious I am and how serious a question that is.

And then we returned to our native land only to find
a house full of Republicans.   What gestures risen from
an insolent darkness.

But be of good cheer.