Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Can’t you see this says nothing about me?

Also watched Academy Awards.   Nick came over
with sweets at 8pm—last hour of show.   Then Barbara
Walters with Diane Keaton.   Then bought two new
t-shirts.   I’m losing my brain.

We like your voices because they are not important.
We like Pacman bandaids and purple mouthwash.
Find what you like just south of the revolution.   But
bring lots of caulk.   I mean finding=

evolve.   Watching clouds roll over the Alps.   Finding
you equals potent.   Are you a stand-up comedian (i.e.,
have you changed deodorants)?   Find me on aisle 8
with the Snoopy dolls because

I need new luggage, right?   Put it on the list.   These
kinds of sentences work better when you nail the
chair down.   Less wobble is less awkward.
But have we always misvalued awkward?