Friday, September 23, 2011


A Bony Gathering

He’s parking his car at Dave’s
rather than have to explain to his
parents that he’s vacationing with
me.   A barista gives the thumbs up
to I’d rather be cockfighting.   What
if when I try real hard to slow time

Drink clean water from an unclean
glass.   Meddle with history.   Poke
around for inspiration.   I’m so tired
of tiptoe, less tired of tulips.   So
fed up with eggshells, less fed up
with the disposal unit.   Everything
is so urgent.

I see a menage.   Are you from
around here?   I like what drips
from your ears; your ears are
heaven; we’re wearing boots
that don’t belong together.
Waiting on a man’s word
in Paris but only if

the Prius is fixed.   FedEx your
body back to California this
afternoon so I can put it on the
porch with the hummingbirds.
I can’t remember how to
spell it out any better than

the artillery rainstorm,
Fort Chaffee crab apples,
summertime felled
from the sky like a
private joke.