Thursday, April 04, 2013


Baby Formula

It’s October. Where exactly have I been?
For two weeks I lose this thought. 

Is the exhibit still on?  I need to go to
the exhibit. 

Is it okay to repeat the images?  Is an
image not special any more if it has

been repeated?  Or does it become
too special?  Goddammit am I here!?

Don’t be too extreme.  It’s only
October.  It’s only someone singing

at the Civic Center Plaza.  It’s only
a change of scene.  Now we enter

spiritual.  The spiritual moment
or scene.  Are you hungry? 

Or maybe I’m just hearing things.
Of course I’m hearing things.

Someone whose fingers
are somehow penetrating

through my ribcage
works to solve a

problem.  To cure
something that ails.

To install an upgrade.
It is 6:18.  Am I

supposed to hang up
when he gets off?