Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Can You Hear Me Now?

This joke dates me.  (I
picture our honeymoon
in Paris.  On prime-time).
Thanks for nothing, Pres-
idential Debate!  I can
whimper but I’m too
tired to tweet.

Company comes like
a nightmare I’m greedy
for.  There is a long
conversation but I
keep thinking about
anniversaries.  The
anniversary of his
thin limbs.  The
anniversary of
my desire.  This
makes company
somewhat fascinating.

I’m staring at the chef
splitting eggs single-
handedly.  I mean.
Very fluid movement.
Maybe a dozen eggs
into a very huge pot.
I like to feel the heat
of his stove while I’m
eating my breakfast.

My voice is resonant.
I mean I don’t think
I’ve ever had any
trouble being heard.
When I speak.  Be-
cause I’m pretty loud
I think. I don’t have
a very pleasant-
sounding voice.
I’ve been told.