Thursday, April 25, 2013


Most Dreams Are Real

Aw, is your rope-a-dope
strategy not working?  I’m
usually not good at ‘being
there’ for such things.  But
I have taken my medication
and I have come prepared.
One of us needs to roll
up our sleeves.  Ugh,
work!  We stood around
for a while just looking at
one another, but after a
while we each took a seat.
My exhaust runneth over.
Giggles.  Someone thought
they heard it coming through
the ventilation system.  Some-
where in the future of global
warming.  Somewhere in the
future of an all points bulletin
but before the final point is
made.  .  .  .   Everyone in
the movie collapses, but
the film plays on.  People
stare blankly, first at the
open fields (of celluloid),
and then at each other.  And
slowly, one by one, folks
start to rise and sort of aim
themselves down aisle-ways
and out doors.  Everyone is
gone before the credits roll.
Except Otto, who just wants
to make sure there isn’t a
teaser for the sequel.  Not
to give anything important
away, but in the end, all
of our dreams come true.