Monday, April 29, 2013


I keep imagining someone slowly pushing a xanax bar into someone
else’s eyeball.
                                                                                              —Tao Lin

I misread the word prisons and thought she said “All the penguins
are fragile.”  Del the documentarian.  I can’t stick to one subject
because I’ve already spent it in my head.  Quick note: I am alive;
I shall purchase a suit

more suitable for reading
poetry with short lines
(must start reading).

188 pounds at Starbucks
on New Montgomery.
Incredible line-up, a
bit intimidating.

“You’re funny,” he says.
“Did you even know the
widow was open?”

I like my awesome new desk
with a Vanilla Bean Espresso
on top.  Tedious day of lady
jazz.  Third day of running.

Overheard:  Needs new notebook....needs new porn....(or poem?)....Pigeons
....Finished Brandon’s e podes....Read to my mother while waiting for finger-
prints today....Security badge.....Walgreen’s then cook.....Me laundry.....
Miss you notes from Erin....Should I read a little Dahlen or write one.....

I’m writing this as though I invented it, but it keeps getting truer
and truer.
                                                                                              —Alice Notley