Saturday, May 11, 2013


I Rip You Out Like Wasted Space

Is music typically mostly just varying sets of
aural conflicts and resolutions?  If so, though,
how is it that we come to know what conflict
sounds like?  Or, of course, resolution?  I’m
having lots of these nature vs. nurture
conversations lately.

                                    Jesus is not a
                      pearl necklace!

That was a crass maneuver meant as a
diversion, to get us safely into a car and
on the road to wine country, I’m thinking
Friday evening after the rush, crash in
Calistoga, then Saturday we can do
tasting from spot to spot (our limit
generally remains right at two spots,
although perhaps on this fair trip
we’ll hit three), and maybe catch
a massage and a dip into the
warm pool at Harbin Hot
Springs on Sunday,

                                turn the car in
early enough in the evening to relax.
Then birthday cake with Kim.  Then
meet Fred in the Castro for drinks.
Next morning, pee incessantly
while putting together a bunch of
procedural questions for Colleen,
like how to do an expense report,
how to procure what seems to be
a requisite corporate card, buy
$107 worth of groceries, cab home,
a couple of questions to Lara from
email once I’ve washed the dishes,
then cooking up hamburgers and
french fries, which were awesome.

But Indonesia is so very away.