Sunday, September 21, 2014


the harder i think about it,
privacy is, well, you tell me,
i’d love to hear, cuz i only ever
think of the one reason.  sure,
we’ve each and all got some-
thing of a duplicitous nature. 
i blame culture (inasmuch
as, you know), and go look-
ing for the interesting stuff,
how a person or a people
got to this point.  or why. 
it often starts to be logical.
but pretty?  well, i guess
we all want to be pretty.
i know i do.  so why do i
wake up every morning,

get myself looking some-
thing like myself, and
walk out actually con-
centrating on being
whoever woke up,
same ol’ me, just
showered & cost-
umed up.  i sure
look pretty (or
pretty sad), and,
as far as I can tell 
(or attempt to tell), 
i still look pretty
much like myself.  
i'm gemini, so I 
never dwell too long
on one moment, which
is always different from
the next.  me.  not me.

probably about as fast
as I can get the word me
out of my mouth (not the
best place for me, by the
way), the consistency in the
inconsistence, it’s fun,
as I often persist to insist,
while feeling like else
but loving like me,
which is always pretty—
and surely, more often
than not, pretty much
looks and feels like me—
for which i’m glad, i ask my
self most nights, right to sleep.