Monday, April 13, 2015


Sunscreen Love U More

“Del will follow up to schedule
the call,” said the stuffed panda
slightly hidden from view on
the bottom shelf (just beneath

the printer).  We were both won-
dering who was showering,
following intently the sound
of the stream of the steamy

water spewing from the spigot,
the head.  We allowed our
thoughts to drift slowly down
the hallway. . . .   until “I

believe I need to tinkle.”
The poor panda didn’t even
get the whole thing out of its
cottony mouth before I was

up and down the elegant
halloway.  “Up and down,
up and down, up and down,”
the panda thought.  That’s

Canada without its three-
piece suit, for you.  Up.
and.  down.   It wriggled
its way off the bottom

shelf and rolled itself
into the walk-in closet.
For it was time to get
dressed and meet the

day (as they say).  “Oh
yes, I am!!” said the panda
to the naked apartment.