Saturday, June 20, 2015


Poem With No Patience

I said that I stopped using
words, but the other side is
I have yet to learn how to

read.  I pick up the book
How a Wheel Works. 
Apparently, love isn’t

the only battlefield
in this sleepy café.
It is a gray day.

On this gray day,
I want to write
everything down

from my trip to
Palm Springs last
weekend.  But

I’m not feeling
so hot.  Did I really
go see a movie with

Jennifer Aniston
instead of eat lunch?
Not with Jennifer,

I decide, but with
Erin.  Yes, a movie.
I get up at the end

and shout about
therapy, or at least
medication.  As I

descend the escalator
that leads back to the
office, I think how

this experience will
perhaps significantly
enhance my life. Am I

coming or going?  I miss
my exit, and I’m only on
page 8, so I guess I’m gone.