Friday, July 03, 2015


Single (or just call me Outdated)

But do call.
I won’t answer,
though.  Sorry,
unlikely.  I am
looking to do
so soon, how-
ever.  Maybe.
So do!  This
really gets me
there.  Sure, it’s
no Poetics, more at
gotta hafta, more
at wrap up tightest
ever and get out the
door.  I’m digging a
tunnel to Herzog this
evening (yes, as in
Werner), an immediate
celebate date (an inter-I
mediate celebrate date.
     (Hello, you’re not
     here, I’m not here,
     what a wonderful
     cinematic ex-

And that’s a wrap!
And no, it’s not such
a bad feeling, like, say
a mule at the office all
morning: a version of
the walk of shame that
hints intermittently at
Such jobs, blow by blow,
occasionally (and always
unexpectedly) throw in a
wrench of nostalgia that
stinks like hell (and free
of charge, of course). 

Oh, break-
dancing mule, what
comes next?  I pause to
steady the burden, breath-
less, in sudden wonder.