Monday, October 26, 2015


Soon, I Will Not Have Made It.

And this could make me very
sad, surely.  But what would
I have done differently, know-
ing soon what I don’t know
now?  It’s 4:32pm and I have
yet to write a quick, large
stone across my face.  This
morning I say (to myself)
for sure.  I will go the gym-
nasium in the evening (for
sure).  The day, however,
having wound down....
I’m beat.  I’m unwilling.
And, like Tom Hanks, I
hate the internet.  No-
thing whatsoever use-
ful in here [hear me
knock that hollow
knock knock].  Read-
something is reading
anything, I say, or
think, or think I say.
Information is time,
and all of the time,
so I have with me
presently a stapler;
it is fancy and red.
If I told you that I
just moved seven
loads of laundry
from washers into
dryers (ploddingly),
only to be locked out
of the laundry room
for the entire week-
end afterwards,  would
you care enough to
believe me?  Or, per-
haps: “Look, I have
blisters on my toes
from wearing these
gorgeous new