Sunday, January 05, 2020


Affordability in the Middle East

Decaying City Leads 
to Apocalypse was 
nearly today’s head-
line.  No, wait, here
it is.  Homeless in the 
Golden State cause
World War III.  Hoo
hah.  Fake HUD re-
port razes homes for
homelessness.  But
where to really begin?
Per capita, our freshly
dead year’s homeless
rates are higher in NY,
HI, and DC than in CA.
Truth hurts.  My sore
thumb!  My eye!  My
my!  My oh my!  Sulu
fights Kirk with a sword.
It is in a place called
the starship Utopia
where Groucho, Zeppo,
and Hippo are all born
(same day, actually).
“You’re not having
a heartattack ack ack
ack,” he says to
me, quoting Colonel 
Sanders, “you’re 
just having fun with
the facts.  To
which I respond with
a gasp and a wheeze 
(sarcastically).  All 
the while, King Duck
(birth name: Little Birdie 
Cries Wolf) opens back 
door, gauging the equa-
tion, mocking the eleph-
ant (the pink one who
sleeps in the room the
shape of a giant egg),
thinks the buskers
are baristas, that
sort of thing.  Oh,
my aching egg-
head, I literally
hear the actual
headline whine
to me with a sigh
(I’ll wager the 
Lincoln Bedroom is 
wishing right now 
that it were high).
Skull sucks,
say the kids
as they arrive
from school
w/o element;
no substance),
imaginary text-
books in pocket.
Such textuality,
tweets Professor
Fonda to all the
sixteen-year old
girls, beheadedly.
My oh my, indeed,
thinks the world,
wordlessly, watch-
ing the acclaimed
new biopic: My Oh