Monday, December 26, 2005


one day of first being in a new fog
then after a coffee that rolls off the bay
there are a few sneezes and a recognition

that lately he’s talking about visiting
somebody so I ruffles my feathers
and read the weathered banker paper

what rolls like water off a duck’s
back and works like crushed Prozac
is all the sneezes he can sneeze

he says my ego is better than his
which makes this a most excellent day
it’s not come a moment too soon

should I be counting the days
until I turn 30 or interviewing the
vice presidents re their mktg contacts

hell I was trying to find the word
bricoleur in any number of locales
and what I kept preferring to enjoy

was this picture next to my stapler
red erect and looking somewhat to the
left with slightly chapped lips