Thursday, February 23, 2006


I cried and I cried through the movie.
No, really! All day date. Beautiful Sunday.
I cried. I couldn’t stop. This doesn’t happen.
Now with headphones on my head I am crying.
A new CD, faux Christmas. No lights. No hurdles.
I cry on the couch waiting to hear Smashmouth.
Balloons, confetti, giftwrap, I am crying. The cat’s new
torturer. Oh yeah, life goes on. Even after a wet day.
Get drunk, meet someone who gets mad because
I don’t like him more than I like him. I’m crying,
eating Chinese food, all by myself, 2am. Oh,
on Tuesday night I got stoned. My cellphone is so
quiet, I am crying, reading a novel, trying to sleep,
chilled, go to Dogwood, come back home, cry,
sit on my roof, walk up and down the hill, get more
depressed, fall in love again, can’t shake it, look
at my life, push him out, but it’s a beautiful day,
a beautiful day. I don’t even have his new number.
I cry some more.