Friday, February 24, 2006


and get a grasp
the rainy ocean and
get a grasp I can but
try and get a gingko

this summery October
rainy cliff a better grasp a
fifth different person in
fifth in one week

and get stability I’m
already wet a fifth of
stability I’m get a grasp
I’m already feeling

it’s not really working
this fifth of October
because I’m exploring
a tour of possible

Caribbean kid a
friend I think and in him
I am over and over
the rain of summer

so we had dinner and
down the rainy ocean
a fifth of slept I
slept together I ate an

ocean and now that I’ve
told anyone it’s
possible to feel it’s
get a grasp a rainy

game to clasp his hardon
hope to talk again
it’s me somewhere
I got I grasped I cracked a hardon

sanity gingko
summery winter
fifth feeling
slept cliff
Detroit ocean