Friday, September 21, 2007


I was going to tell you something.
Something about being crazy in the city.

Tom Carey read a poem about going
to and from the grocery store for some

flour.   Thom Gunn read one of
Kevin’s poems.   Downstairs

some guy’s hollering
from his bench.   Saturday morning

(Sunday morning – Easter morning!)
the man in front of See’s Candy,

Union Square, singing loud as possible.
Today, five prescriptions from

Walgreen’s: for sneezing,
stuffy nose, high blood pressure,

fear of flying, panic attacks, etc.
A friend who’s dying and

wants me to execute her
(or maybe she said executor).

Strong desire to play a game of
lacrosse.   I was going to tell you

I’m drinking coffee, trying to breathe,
watching a multi-colored cast of clouds,

folding away a staple remover.   We often
go through these things.