Thursday, June 18, 2009


Synechdoche, New York vs. Welcome to Collinwood

I’m just sitting here waiting for
something I can get embarrassed about
as the banana on my desk turns brown,
trying not to get too worked up over a
movie everyone loved but me.   Got to
show everyone the error of their ways.
Ingratiating indeed.

Not that history is bound to repeat itself.
How to relieve oneself (of selfish existence)?
Sex.   Twice during the movie we don’t finish.
And once this morning as we awoke.

No worries, good spirits, have met with a
calm.   don’t be shy of unkindness /
why be afraid of hate

more O’Hara to stare me down
in the bathroom mirror at 5:10am
on a Thursday.

My favorite hour to walk the city.