Friday, June 19, 2009


How redundant a question
is “How can it be November?”
Pretty much redundant, but honestly,
here we are again?   Really?
Reading Bill’s poems, checking the
telephone (occasionally), turning
the page of this year’s calendar
(1,000 Places to See Before You
   Really!) – Isle of Skye,
The Inner Hebrides, Scotland.
Pausing to note a certain 20-
year-old.   Tall.   Smiles.   Likes
sex a lot.   Maggie Gyllenhaal
is awesome, I’ll learn how to
pronounce her name in a
few years.   Darren at the
Café.   Vincent, who
drops in for a little
entertainment on
his way to the
airport.   The new
books.   Serious
prospecting with
Gerrit Lansing.
April, January,