Tuesday, April 02, 2013


New shirt from Banana Republic
matching new khakis tho the
khakis I’ve worn before.

There is a place inside of me
where I hold another sausage.
It elongates my inner being,

which walks beneath a panoply
of swiftly moving clouds.  These
are beautiful clouds which seem to

pose no danger (like the weather
in San Francisco).  It’s okay if the
words are chewy like caramel

I am the only language I can
understand.  (Alice Notley)
Look at what handwriting

can tell us (that we have not
felt right for a while).  Sit
(zazen) and mull over the

pros and cons of sedentary.
Don’t worry about getting
the words right in the

mirror.  If you find an item
irresistable, pick it up and
bring it to the cash register.