Monday, April 01, 2013


Sentences in bed are not describers, they are instigators
                                                                 —Lyn Hejinian

I breathe but the blood doesn’t get to my brain.  Friday
I gave notice, which I may have already mentioned,
after watching Dark Water.  Otto visits with his folks
at the airport while I experience this in a public sort
of way.  Warm.  Sleepy.  I look at other people’s
handwriting.  What it tells us is nothing.  Probably
nothing.  I go to Postrio for dinner, a first and only
time.  So nice.  City noise. 

There’s a fly in the living room but Coco, perched
at the kitchen’s threshold, is very seriously con-
templating the kitchen.  This, I take mental note,
could be a sign that the end is near.