Sunday, April 21, 2013


Is she really going out with him?

I think I just realized why I decided against
fame.  I can easily recognize my name from
a distance and sometimes get downtrodden
when not.  That was easy.  To celebrate
(and also to hide everything) I put it into
the casket that used to be a box full of
chocolates.  These were the chocolates
given to me for my birthday, the birth-
day I was surprised to receive two boxes
of chocolates from friends, fairly close
friends, both, and I’m pretty loud about
the fact that I don’t really like chocolate.
The beautiful little blue box that once
contained chocolates, which, when I
started eating them, I could not stop.
In that, yes, they were unbelieveably
delicious, and since then I have toned
down my loudness about not liking
chocolates.  And also purchased
with my own money several new
such blue boxes of chocolates
for my personal consumption.
But now it’s like a funeral
for whatever it is that I put
into the box.  Compounded
or confused by the fact that
I hid the box, and furthermore
there is the problem of I can-
not remember where I put
it.  I’m not really sure how
to end this dilemma (I’ve
a pretty lousy memory),
but sometimes I think that
no matter what goes down
in the end, it could still reas-
onably be considered a bang.