Tuesday, April 23, 2013


From the outside looking in, I’d say he was a mooch.

                                              Horses wonder who you are. 
                                                                   —Dana Ward

Opening night was a tremendous success!    And so was
the weekend.  We worked out together twice.  If you ask
me how we did it, I’ll probably be less than forthright.

While inside I’ll only wish I was a deviant.  Does it seem
like living to be still up at five in the morning to hear the
marathon bullhorn and the crowd of how-many-ever

thousand going wild?  Surely the only audience were
the marathon runners themselves.  Why expend that
much energy right at the get-go?  This is a pretty

warped thought at five in the morning.  I do digress.
Portentously.  Ominously.  Maybe even hilariously
(I have somehow maintained a very active fantasy

life.  At least when I’m running on a treadmill.)
I guess I am the last to learn that computer stuff
is now code for watching porn.  Sometimes I’m

so ahead of the game, so cognizant, so aware of
my surroundings, day or night.  Other times I’m
totally drunk in tiny white shorts at a 70s theme

party.  Or I’m at Darren’s going-away party
thinking about a nearby Starbucks.  Or I’m
waking up at the wrong address with some

guy from Chicago who turns out to be
cognizant mafia (some dreams are okay).
So far I’m not dead.  Just at the gymnasium.