Saturday, August 29, 2015


But hearing doesn’t happen nowhere.
                                —Susan Gevirtz

The cat of making
notes on a piece of
paper is more like
dog ball.  The bowl

of lunch isn’t much.
And so on.  He says
he has good news
and bad news.  One:

he’s dancing tonight
(which is what I
wanted to do in the
first place); and Two:

he has to work to-
morrow.  Everything
was uncomfortable
for the rest of the

evening.  But still,
we’re off to The
Orgy (it’s called;
a 1-shot, all-night

circuit party, if
that helps).  I’ve
spent a lot of time
on a tire.  Once there,

we make a movie
of it.  I’m completely
ignoble, so thereafter,
a spike in the tendons

is all but certain.
Needles to say, after
that, it was curtains
for the two of us.