Sunday, August 30, 2015


My Plastic Surgeon’s Prosthesis

I’ll attempt to get this one up
just for you, if you’ll bear with
me just a bit.  I’m a guy who
likes the occasional slice of pie.

Just to set the record straight
(ugh!), I saw it all while thumb-
ing through the Instagram (some
might say only to be misproven

later by the literary journal
Jingle).  Our eyes are now clothes.
Please don’t let this bother you.
No, don’t cry (sigh).  Seriously,

we just thought it was funny
while we were bathing with
the hippies.  What a chic fest
up north!  With lots of chickens

scrambling to get ahead of the
game.  This wasn’t San Fran-
cisco, after all.  Nope.  But
neither was it just any neck

of the woods itching for a
menu with a reputation.  My
attempt to be clear (just this
once) was “You’re So Vain.”