Sunday, September 30, 2018


Brave Words

(the first of a set of poems
with titles from a page of
“STICKERS” with “man of
the house affirmation
phrases” [my words]
in Stephen  Colbert’s 
I Am America
And So Can You

I must tell you this
before the parquet
full of butter explodes:
Politics sucks!  It was
the era when politics
sucked more than usu-
al.  Summer in the South
when wasps and hornets
build their nests out your
bedroom window and you
are mesmerized. And
that’s when the realization
occurs: we each bring some-
thing of (relative) relevance
to the table, should we de-
cide to arrive at it.  And no
matter the number in attend-
ance at the table, each one-
on-one engagement that trans-
pires at the table is every bit
as unique as what we bring
to those tables.

[interlude: whilst several
poems are lost and some
of them are found again
and edits are actually
made, and, and...]

Yes.  I know.  I talk entirely
too much.  I always have.
Too many words. Words and 
words and words and words. 
Thank you for not telling me 
to shut up (this time).  A 
million times thank you. 
Brave words, all.