Monday, October 01, 2018


Hell Yeah!

(Stephen Colbert
sticker poem II)

Here’s what I say:
“Hells yeah!!”  That’s
at least what I say on
nights such as the one
through which I am
presently scooting.
It's a disaster (this
particular night).
Like Oh, what a night
(Cause I ain’t got no
)! But I can dance,
that I can do.  Watch
me exit the stage all
by myself, head to the
coat check, suck the
coat check guy’s
lower lip (just a little 
bit; it’s a thing), walk
out into the night fog.
Done.  Alone.  Alone
and done.  Not that com-
pletion and/or singularity
in and of themselves is bad,
nor in need of iteration (cf,
further previous hyperbolic
journal entries), except...
I’m a weirdo anyway, we
can all agree on that (right?).
I’m not actually done, how-
ever.  I mean, I sit here writ-
ing this to you sitting next to
a brand new friend (also a 
weirdo, but I think that’s 
probably okay).  Oh, if life
were circuitous and evolv-
ing in any significant
sort of way. .  .  .