Friday, October 18, 2019


Ted and the Giant Pumpkin Book

I am an extrovert
who has social
anxiety.  It is to
be expected.  I
am a Gemini.

It is said that
dogs yawn
ably when
they are 

I gleaned
this striking
tidbit from
a Ted talk 

given by a
man named
Jon Ronson.
Jon read the
entire DSM

(which is the
now larger
than ever 
manual filled 
with a list with

of the 374
mental dis-

orders) to
discover that 
amongst his
own were

anxiety disorder, 
nightmare dis-
order, in which
he has recurrent
dreams of being

chased by
creatures where-
ver he goes 
who constantly
tell him that he

is a failure.
And he has 
which, accord-
ing to Psychology

Today, (accord-
ing to Google)
is “the purp-
oseful production
of falsely

physical and/
or psycholog-
ical syptoms
with the goal

of receiving 
a reward.”  I
am about a 
third of the
way through

this Ted Talk
on YouTube
and I’ve already
received quite
the reward.

I linger long
enough to hear
how Jon met
with a Scient-
ologist (because

of course he
wanted to meet
up with a critic of
psychiatry), a man
named Brian,

who he asked
“Can you prove
to me that psy-
chiatry is a 

to which Brian
said “Yes, let me
introduce you 
to Tony,” who,
as it turns out

is in Broadmoor,
which used to be
known as The
Asylum for
the Critically 

Insane.  That
is as far as I 
have gotten.
I took a break
to write you 

this quick note
about our trip
to the Pumpkin
Patch (which 
you like to call

The Funny Farm).
We will take off
at 5 in the morn-
ing.  Dress warmly,
in layers.  There

may be a bit of 
sun; be sure to
wear a cap or
And we can

grab lunch in 
Half Moon Bay
on the way back
up, and be home
by around 6pm.

Sound good?
I know that I
suffer from de-
pression.  And
lately I have be-

gun to think
that I have a
set of imaginary
friends.  Well,
lately?  Act-

ually, I’ve had
them pretty much
as far back as I 
remember.  In
fact, that reminds

me, I must call
my friend Jim
this afternoon.
Anyway, I look
forward to see-

ing you this Sat-
urday.  No negative 
talk, remember? 
The glass is al-
ways half full!