Thursday, December 01, 2016


Whodunnit (the prequel)

intrepid telepathy

makes the murder

tenuous ... grip

all your whines

in the back of

your throat un

til the maid

servant has

cleansed every

single dinner

dish.  Drinks

aplenty come

later.  See to

it you bring

your tongue

to carefully

(and perhaps

a bit cynic

ally) fully

analyze the

poison be

fore tak

ing a dunk

in the

dark pool.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

mmdclxxxii language strangely
         —Laura Moriarty

The ostrich’s hopscotch
was graceful (Ines

timably, thought
the ostrich, who

believed she was
being offered a

scotch.) and my
skin burns as if it’s

afire.  I’m
all too aware

of the numerous
lies within my

heart.  What
I meant by

the weather
was my mood,

emotion.  Emo
ticon, emoticant.

Precipitate.  Rec

Andy wasn’t hard
up when I hit

rock bottom.
Later that same

weakness – a
few silent frays –

a Miss Oliver point
ed up to where

we were when
we first saw it.

Each of us felt
a chill of a


Saturday, November 26, 2016


“The Dropdown Runs Out to the Right”

Or haven’t you heard?   Logic rules.
It (and its common sense strategies)
bring such a wide smile to the faces
of my friends, the set of which is too
numerous to list; and I’m not just talk
ing acquaintances, no sirree.  But puredee
-when-you-need-them-most (and without
even having to send out so much as an
S.O.S.) FRIENDS. It’s uncanny, the
certainty of their existence.  I’ve heard
rumors of poor sots who cannot say the
same without a sense of irony – I’m also
told the tone of sarcasm is as obvious as us
believers’ ascent to heaven will ultimately
be (and none too soon, according to my
calculations).  Gosh, I’ve had such omni
present good fortune.  I’m so truly blessed,
to be sure.  Such calamity befalls this poor
earth it breaks your heart.  And then there’s
me and my happiness full of incalculable life.
I’m so ready for it to be over, for the few of
us who belong in paradise to float like tiny
pink balloons on the horizon until we’re 
so out of here.  Alrightee, this conference 
is over now.  Who needs another revival.  
My tummy's grumbly.  And Agnes knows
very well how I get when I’m hungry (In
deed! she hollers from the back porch.  
She's always at the ready.  Indeed!  Let's
go ahead and get this the party started,
shall we?  Yes, let’s . . .

Friday, November 25, 2016


      —a Walgreen’s paper bag

“Who will be
the cause
of my demise?”
whispered om
inously, it
seemed to
me, at least,
the aether
from which

“I will.”
said, it seemed
(to me), the
entirety of my
kith and kin,
bowing, pray
ing, I be
lieve, over
my demise.

Friday, November 18, 2016


I’m trying
to forget,
but please
allow me
to list for
for you the
top 200
why you
are more 
cruel than
De Vil.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Autumn’s Anthem

We are all fallen
with excitement.

“That sounded
big,” one was

heard exhaling.
“Oh, dear that

sounded really
big!”  And so

each of us,
being so

very close
to the heart

of our or 
hearts, the

ones we

strum (as they,

with a bit
of glee,

thrum), stood

in our respective
places and looked

around, each with
a tinge of anxiety,

waiting for the
biggest and the


Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The Boil-over

“It’s weird,”
thought the
janitor, “how
the crooks
take us all
for such an
ride.  It’s a
true night
mare, really.”
Like the air
in a room
(of most
any size)
when a
sufi takes
the sofa,
we were
each and
all just
plain un
able. Toi
lets were
being flu
shed. Our
as fully
and then,
of course,
ately app
were as